Tuesday, November 18, 2008

If you've been thinking of a visit...

Vivian's latest thing to say after guests leave is:

"You come here, you stay here. You don't come here, you don't stay here."

Hard to argue with that.

She first said it after Kat and Marley left. Marley, Sabine and Vivian invented "fun land" -- a game in which the king and full size mattresses get pulled onto the floor (well, part of the way) and much jumping ensues.

The photo above is of Vivian, Kate, and Sabine on a display bed at IKEA. We had a great visit with the Fredrick/Fleury clan -- the girls played pretty much non-stop for 7 days. Wahoo!
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Thursday, November 6, 2008

We finally hooked up the wii...bought a $30 tv at Goodwill tonight so wii can play whenever wii want to...When we first got the wii, Granny Jean and Boopy were in town, so we made miis of them when we made ours. While in WY, the favorite of the girls was bowling, but they moved to another sport tonight...somehow Granny Jean became...the BOXER. I think maybe she thought she was fighting W.

The man behind the wii...

Best Cat Ever

I remember trying to dress up our family cat, Annie, in baby clothes, but I don't ever remember her being this patient. That Cisco is one cool cat.
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Halloween, Corvallis Non-Con

Bret preparing to take the girls trick-or-treating

In the wagon (they went to a neighborhood a few blocks away)

At the Lugo's in Corvallis...this is what happens when the mommies go out for an hour or so...swinging on a hill above a creek and dart-throwing. Can't see anything wrong with that, can you?

Somehow we forgot to take our camera out of the bag at the Gold gathering (too much fun playing music and talking with the great folks there...), but we had a great time!
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