Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fishing at Lost Lake

Walking down the trail to go fishing.

Sweet fishing spot.

Getting worms on...

Yup. Worm on.

Blurry pic of the one that got away...
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Hanging out at the lake.

Cooking at Lost Lake

Night one...steak with marinated veggies and garlic bread in foil.

Morning one...bacon on the Wilson Handy Camp Grill (we didn't use the steel rod for the grill as we already had the campfire grill in place).

Eggs with leftover foil wrapped veggies. Yummm...

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Camping at Lost Lake

We broke out the pop up camper and spent last weekend up at Lost Lake Resort in Mt Hood, OR. It's a quick 1 3/4 hour drive from our house.

It gets chilly up there!

Nothing like a post dinner scooter ride to warm you up.

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4th of July

The girls really wanted to go to a 4thLink of July parade where there would be candy thrown...they also really wanted one where there would be ears of corn thrown (a la Jackson Hole) but we didn't see that happening...We did make it up to Corbett, OR for a "old timey" 4th of July celebration...

We ended up sitting next to some really nice folks from North Portland, who offered to take our picture.

First time I've seen one of these in a parade...

Though I think I might have seen one of these in Jackson.

The parade was preceeded by a TON of antique/restored cars. There were a lot of fun ones to look at, though the girls got a little bored and antsy for the "real" parade the start (even though many of the folks in the cars threw candy).

We spent 4th of July night at our friends Amy and Wade's house -- their neighbors take their fireworks VERY seriously, so with a quick bike ride over to their place, we got to see some amazing fireworks without any crowds. It rocked! The girls loved lighting sparklers, and seeing all the pretty lights in the sky.
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More random creativity

This was the bag Sabine put Bret's Father's Day gifts in. Love legos. This is the book we got for him.

The completed (b)rain barrel. Idea courtesy of these folks.

Bret's finished model surfboard. We might need to start a surfing club for our many Playmobil friends.
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little sister, big sister

Vivian, taking a call at the "office" at the Children's Museum. Looks like it's someone she doesn't want to talk to...

Vivian, with a plate of "pillows" (thin sliced ham wrapped around cream grandmother Mimi used to make these for us).

Sabine, sitting on a big rock at the coast...

Sabine, up in a tree at librarian friend Deb's house (we were over there for an awesome music making party).
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