Monday, June 30, 2008

Busy summer updates...

Upright daddy horse...

Vivian at the bike rallly...

and Sabine at the bike rally...

More Otter Pops -- the 2nd 100 of the summer go a bit slower than the 1st 100!
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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Winkler talents

The Daddy Horse, part one

and part two.

Vivian and partner dance to the groove of Amy Steinberg.

The talented Burnett Browne Family

Show their stuff at the LIFE is Good talent show!

Fenna shows off her harmonica playing...

Hamish break dances...

Murray on the dancing baby!

Next year, Margaretha, it's YOUR turn!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sabine and trees

She make a "lei" kind of thing out of the flowers on the ground for Karmin.

She loves to climb trees.
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More pre conference... Dave and Karmin's in Portland. They put us up for 5 nights...we had a great time visiting with them, learning to pay KOOB, and hanging out with their kitties.

Sabine and Vivian's favorite part was...the Otter Pops. In case you were wondering, 2 young girls can eat almost 100 Otter Pops in 5 days. Burp.

LIFE is Good, part 2

Sabine's buddy Amelia

The last day of the conference...i.e. the longest time the kids sat still all weekend! (note the 7" DVD that 7 kids are the entry of our hotel room)

At Esther Short Park (a few blocks from the hotel) the final day

Sabine and Amelia up in a tree!
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LIFE is Good, part one

Sabine and Ruby at a funshop

Vivian (with mermaid hair) playing with Kapla blocks and the twins

Carolyn and Kat (newly of Corvallis!)

The best daddy in the world!
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Pre Conference

i.e. Portland, OR rocks! Here are the girls at the OMSI dinosaur exhibit...

...near the monkeys at the Portland Zoo...(on the little playground)...

...checking out the Orangutans...

...and the polar bear exhibit. A good time was had by all!
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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Certified homeschooling?

Parade magazine from the Sunday paper is having a poll to see if homeschooling parents should have teaching credentials. Will you please vote? (Just in case you're wondering, even though Bret and I do have our certifications, our answer is no, No, NO!) If you want more info, you can talk to Bret about his experiences student teaching...and the credential he holds (which "certifies" him to teach a BROAD range of science areas...even though his passion and competencies lie in a few select areas...)