Wednesday, April 16, 2008

April Showers...

All I can say is they'd better be darn good flowers. BTW, Connie, those are the infamous wind pants...

Makeup fun

Maybe there is something scarier than a clown...
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Cycling in the driveway

Sabine's got her own style...PJs and a head scarf...

This might be the only photo so far where you can see Vivian's missing top teeth...they'll be replaced with a bridge thing enjoy while you can.

You can almost see the new net we bought for the end of the driveway...keeps them from catapulting into the street...
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New birthday outfit

Thanks Grandmother Joan!
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One of mommy's best friends...

Ok, ok...I'm sure it's made in China, and it's just a piece of plastic that will end up in a landfill someday...but it's really improved my attitude about bubbles...which, incidentally, can freeze. Even in April. In Wyoming.
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I found five Barbies at the kids consignment store in Idaho Falls a couple of trips ago...didn't realize it at the time that one of them was a surfer Barbie (Bret loved that one...) then found a giant bag-o-Barbie clothes (a lot of them crocheted...) at another second hand store...SCORE! To try to alleviate fighting, we gave them to BOTH the girls on Sabine's birthday morning. They were pretty psyched.

Barbies everywhere!

On a side note, the girls have become fans of the Barbie movies, and I have to say they're actually pretty good (aside from the sometimes strange animation and the fact that it looks like they've re-used several of the characters in different movies...). Barbie is shown as a strong, independent, smart young woman...better than a lot of the characters in grown up movies...and many "kids" tv shows. And the music is usually pretty good. So there.
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Thursday, April 10, 2008

There's nothing scarier than a clown

Sabine, Vivian and friend Kate made me into a clown...hmmm...nuff said.
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More daddy creativity

Did you know popsicle sticks could look so cool?!? Bret and Sabine made these to give to the Uncles Kevin and Erik. (They'll be in the mail soon, I promise!) We realized after this photo was taken that our camera lens was severely smudged.
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Our little "Braveheart"

See the resemblance? Face painting is fun.

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6 year old birthday party

This was my original idea for a party favor for the 10 little girls Sabine had invited to her usual I was overly optimistic...This one took a fair bit of time to make, so we gave it to another little friend for her birthday gift, and came up with this for party favors:

Much easier to make en masse.

Happy girlies!
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Nim's Island Seaside Shuffle

Don't remember how we found this...but's quite addictive.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Some things just look alike...

To an almost 6 year old girl...

This is chicken that is defrosting...

This is bread with powdered sugar on top...

Fortunately I caught Sabine before she put former in her mouth...she just thought it looked like, well, bread with powdered sugar. Who can blame her?
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